Open Borders Ireland: 120,000-Strong Migrant Surge Drives Record Population Growth

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25 August 2022
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National News
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A surge in the number of migrants entering Ireland has resulted in it seeing its highest population growth since the 2008 banking crash.

A wave of over 120,000 migrants has resulted in Ireland seeing its largest yearly population growth since the 2008 banking crash, official statistics published on Wednesday have revealed.

With the statistics only taking into account demographic changes up to the end of April this year, it seems likely that this new post-crash record will not stand for long, with a further influx of migrants from both Ukraine and beyond pushing the country’s infrastructure to breaking point....

Of this influx, 63,000 were neither from the European Union nor the United Kingdom, with 28,000 recorded as migrants allegedly from Ukraine.

Overall, the Statistics Office now claims that there are around 5.1 million people living in Ireland, over 700,000 of whom are recorded as being non-Irish nationals...


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