The Orchestrated Socialist Deception While Parents Slept

Article author: 
Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh
Article publisher: 
Canada Free Press
Article date: 
7 January 2021
Article category: 
Our American Future
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Hw have Americans accepted socialism, the lockdowns, and election fraud so easily? From a former teacher’s perspective, it was easy. The communist indoctrination and orchestrated deception run deep and go back so many decades that by the time half of the adult population has caught on, it is too late....

Academia which has professed tolerance and acceptance of divergent opinions is now espousing zero tolerance for anyone who disagrees with their talking points. Why would anyone spend their hard-earned money to pay for their child’s expensive college tuition knowing that at graduation their children may have worthless and unmarketable degrees and will become violent and detestable anti-Americans who hate their own parents and refuse to associate with them based on their different political views?
As Sherine E. stated, “the typical disrespect, arrogance, and narcissism of liberals is shown in how they have zero ability to engage unless one bows to them. If anyone dares to have an independent view, they will be subject to all forms of wrath.”...
These college-educated and indoctrinated people as well as others who worship socialism do not understand that all elites are using the Covid-19 pandemic to “reset” the world as per World Economic Forum in Davos. It is so obvious to those who understand history and economics that it is “a political mechanism to change the United States from capitalism to communism sanctioned by globalists.”...
As of today, our country and its government have officially turned socialist. It is painfully apparent that the American fighting spirit for “justice and the American way” was just a myth.