Polis Caught Red-handed - Colorado is indeed a sanctuary state

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Kevin Jundberg
Article date: 
17 October 2023
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Colorado News
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Polis is Caught Red-handed

This week Jared Polis insisted on KNUS radio that Colorado is not a sanctuary state. I understand that a rebuttal to that statement will be aired on Monday during the six PM hour on KNUS, AM 710.

Here are some of the facts that make Colorado a sanctuary state for illegal aliens:

In 2013 HB13-1258 repealed SB-90 (2006 bill), which banned sanctuary cities in Colorado at the time. The 2013 bill prevented local law enforcement from cooperating with immigration officials, making sanctuary cities once again possible in Colorado. (Some cities then declared themselves to be sanctuary cities.)

Also in 2013 Colorado allowed driver’s licenses for illegal aliens and increased the scope in 2019 to include ID cards.

Again in 2013 the state allowed in-state tuition for illegal immigrants.

In 2019 HB19-1124 was signed, preventing local law enforcement to cooperate with ICE. This law includes probation in the law, which keeps probation from notifying ICE when a criminal alien is released back into the community. 

In 2020 SB20-083 keeps ICE out of all Courthouses and makes it illegal for ICE agents to enter courthouses to arrest illegal aliens. 

The 2021 bill SB21-199 gives state benefits to Illegal aliens (the state estimated 162,000 illegal aliens at the time) made available state benefits, including dental care, mental health counseling, and family services. It also expanded eligibility for property tax, rent, and utility subsidies.

In 2021 HB21-1054 was signed and passed to allow Illegal aliens to get housing assistance. 

Again in 2021 SB21-077 allowed professional credentialing for illegal aliens (hairdressers, massage therapy, tattooing, etc.). 

And in 2021 they established a defense fund with state money called the Immigrant Legal Defense Fund (They neglected to use the term Illegal)

In 2023 HB23-1100 was signed, which stops Immigration Detention in County Jails.

My thanks to John Fabbricatore for providing these facts that somehow have escaped the attention of Colorado’s governor (who signed many of these bills to make them law).