Polis' TABOR refund spin is why people distrust politicians

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Jon Caldara
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Complete Colorado
Article date: 
12 August 2022
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Colorado News
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... Jared Polis gave an interesting press conference this week. He was again touting how he and his progressive legislature care so much for us little people, they’re sending us $750 “cash,” conveniently just before election ballots are mailed out.

Finally, someone in Polis’ sycophantic press core challenged him on his blatant and insulting hypocrisy.

The governor had a revealing back-and-forth with Shawn Boyd, political reporter for Denver’s CBS 4.

When she asked why he is calling this “Colorado Cash Back” when it is in fact an obligatory refund...

It was Polis’ own press release and spin team who labeled and marketed it, without even mentioning the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights — the ONLY reason these checks are going out...

While taking credit for TABOR’s bounty during this election, will they continue to weaken and work around TABOR in the future? This is THE very question that “Colorado Cash Back” begs.

The press is committing malpractice if they don’t demand a simple, straight answer to that question....


Polis’ hypocrisy on display with ‘Colorado Cashback’ love letter, by Mike Rosen, Complete Colorado, 22 August 2022:

I recently received a check in the mail for $750, along with a letter from Governor Polis expressing his “true pleasure” in sending me the “enclosed ‘Colorado Cashback’ refund check.”  He explained this was the result of his signing, “Senate Bill 22-233, which directed the Colorado Department of Revenue (CDOR) to refund $750 to each individual resident taxpayer and $1,500 to resident joint tax filers.”

The Governor emphasized that, “At a time when inflation is causing increases in the cost of everyday items, we are committed to “getting this money to you as quickly as possible.”  He failed to mention that this so-called “Colorado Cashback” is required by law under the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights (TABOR), which limits government spending, requires a taxpayer vote on new taxes, and mandates refunds on tax revenues that exceed expenditures....