Potentially Half a Million Illegal Aliens Projected to Enter U.S. this Year

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John Binder
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20 February 2019
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National News
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Potentially half a million illegal aliens are projected to successfully cross the United States-Mexico border this year, should illegal immigration levels continue at their current rate...

Princeton Policy Advisors researcher Steven Kopits projects that in 2019, there will be anywhere between 260,000 to 500,000 illegal aliens at the southern border who successfully cross into the U.S. undetected by Border Patrol agents....

Kopits’ research also indicates that possibly close to 400,000 illegal aliens crossed into the country undetected by Border Patrol last year, assuming about 55 percent to 60 percent of illegal aliens are apprehended when they attempt to cross the border.
Last month, Kopits called the number of border crossings “stunning,” noting that there were nearly 48,000 border crossing apprehensions — an increase of about 22,000 crossings compared to this same month in 2017.
At this rate, Kopits projects there will be more than 600,000 border crossing apprehensions this year, a level of illegal immigration at the southern border that the country has not seen since President George W. Bush.
In Fiscal Year 2008, under Bush, there were more than 705,000 crossings at the southern border. The year before, there were close to 860,000 border crossings. Since Fiscal Year 2009, there have been more than 540,000 border crossing apprehensions at the southern border....
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