President Cackle

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Make no mistake, Kamala Harris is a woke authoritarian. And she’s likely to be president sooner rather than later.
Article author: 
Theodore Roosevelt Malloch
Article publisher: 
American Greatness
Article date: 
27 March 2021
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Our American Future
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We have all seen her and the idiomatic cackle. It is so haunting that it is difficult to forget. It is absolutely nightmarish. In fact, the cackle has become her hallmark and very calling card. 
And, likely soon, she will formally become our 47th president.
Within months, however, as many predicted, Joe will be declared unfit for office and pronounced medically senile. He will either step down, fall down, or be pushed down by his own party and she will assume the full title and be sworn in. 
It is inevitable. The transition is already underway in full view for all to see....
Kamala Harris, the most left-wing senator in the entire U.S. Senate, was herself a candidate for the presidency against golden oldie Joe Biden way back in 2019.  
She doggedly attacked him and his lackluster record, decrying his age, his judgment, his policies, and his groping of women....
Her father was a Jamaican Marxist economist who got a token placement at Stanford. He has admitted that his aristocratic family of some wealth actually owned slaves in the colonial era. After a few years, he divorced Kamala’s mother, whom he had met in the 1960s at radical Berkeley, an Indian of the highest Brahmin caste (the highest varna in Vedic Hinduism), who was a medical researcher. ...
Kamala Harris personifies identity politics gone wild....
Her phoniness is fraudulence in spades. But her cackle? Pure evil.
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