Proposition HH Bait and Switch – Colorado Style

Article author: 
Brian C. Joondeph
Article publisher: 
American Thinker
Article date: 
23 October 2023
Article category: 
Colorado News
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... Colorado, now a solid blue state, is foisting a classic bait and switch scheme on vulnerable and ill-informed voters. It’s called Proposition HH...

It is a classic bait and switch move, and like playing Three Card Monty with the guy on the street corner, you will leave the game with less money in your pocket.

What’s the bait? Start with the wording of the actual ballot question, “Shall the state reduce property taxes for home and businesses…” Who doesn’t want their property taxes reduced? Politicians of all parties happily promise lower taxes...

TABOR, or the “Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights”, approved in 1992, is a check on profligate state government spending, limiting how much Colorado can retain and spend, tied to inflation and population growth, common sense limits on spending. Excess funds are returned to taxpayers each year.

Now for the switch. Passing Prop HH would take the TABOR refund Colorado taxpayers would receive and use a portion to reduce property taxes. That would be like the IRS taking your refund and using it to pay for a new tax increase...

Who is supporting Prop HH? As expected, big government donor class Democrats – Pat Stryker, Democrat PAC Boldly Forward, and the Colorado Teachers Union. Their return is more government spending for their pet programs and agendas...