Radical Left Court Packing Will Destroy the Constitution

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Say goodbye to free speech and other constitutional freedoms.
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Joseph Klein
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FrontPage Mag
Article date: 
20 October 2020
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Our American Future
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... If Democrats sweep the White House as well as both the House and Senate, packing the Supreme Court will almost certainly become a reality along with an end to the Senate filibuster.

Although President Franklin D. Roosevelt failed in his effort to pack the Court in 1937, there is nothing in the Constitution to stop a heavily, more leftist Democrat Congress from succeeding this time. As Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said, “everything is on the table” if the Democrats take the Senate and Schumer becomes the Majority Leader. Say goodbye to the independence of the judiciary and the Supreme Court’s legitimacy as an institution. Say goodbye to the separation of powers among the three branches of government to legislate, to execute, and to adjudicate respectively, where the courts have an assigned role to interpret but not to make the law. Say hello instead to the progressive left’s own version of a super legislature.
Moreover, the protections of individual liberties from government overreach set forth in the Constitution’s Bill of Rights will be out the window. Strict limitations will be imposed on freedom of speech, for example, in accordance with critical race and other radical progressive legal theories....
When Supreme Court justices discard any shred of judicial restraint, they trash the Constitution. Such judicial activists are willing to strip away meaningful limitations on governmental power contained in any reasonable reading of the Constitution’s text in order to achieve their far-reaching “social justice” policy objectives....
Critical race theorists, for example, have argued that the First Amendment should not protect what they consider to be racist hate speech....
Instead of allowing a free exchange of ideas regarding police treatment of African Americans and the demands of the Black Lives Matter movement, the critical race progressives want the government to have veto power over what people can say about such sensitive topics....
But giving the power to government agencies and courts to decide what is or is not “hate speech” or “disinformation” is an invitation to eventual government control of what we can say and write. It won’t be long before restrictive speech codes that are so prevalent in colleges and universities today become enshrined in statutes and regulations and upheld by a packed progressive Supreme Court....
Biden proposes panel to stury court packing: Biden: There’s ‘a Number of Alternatives’ to Court-Packing — SCOTUS Isn’t a ‘Political Football’, Breitbart, October 22, 2020.