Ramaswamy States Christie Exit Was Part of Larger Control Agenda

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How the Uniparty works
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The Last Refuge
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3 January 2024
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National News
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In this video [see below], presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy is essentially describing the “splitter strategy” CTH has discussed and outlined in granular detail for years. Essentially, a process where the billionaire donors, hedge fund managers, corporations and multinationals - what we define as the Sea Island group (SIG), control the private corporation known as the RNC.

On this facet of his commentary, Ramaswamy is correct. However, from there he gets things wrong.

Yes, as we have said, the Chris Christie exit is part of the continuum. Remember, within mutually aligned motives the candidate doesn’t need specifically to be an active participant; they only need to be looking out for their individual interests, usually financial.

When the 'time to exit' tap on the shoulder is received, it comes via a key backer saying, "there’s no longer a path." The money stops, and the candidate suspends their campaign. That’s how the process works...

Ramaswamy is correct in the statement that the billionaire donors within the SIG want a head-to-head between President Trump and Nikki Haley, but only because that’s all that remains of the collapsing roadmap. Where Ramaswamy is wrong is that when Haley loses, the SIG/Never Trump group will shift to supporting Biden (Newsom). That’s the UniParty. Ultimately, in the big picture, the foundational effort is not about supporting DeSantis or Haley, it’s about stopping Trump....

If Vivek Ramaswamy was authentic to his words, if he really wanted to advance the America First movement, he would accept the futility of his position and endorse Donald J. Trump...