Reasons people say they’re leaving Colorado

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Fox 31
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12 April 2022
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Colorado News
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... 10 reasons people might move out of Colorado

We had several emails, messages, and Facebook comments about why people have moved out of Colorado or why they say they want to.

Here are some of the responses from our viewers:

“Sadly, I grew up in Colorado and it is a beautiful state. But it has gotten so absurd with it’s progressive agenda I couldn’t see paying taxes there anymore. So I sold out and bailed just in time,” shared Chris Smith.

“Colorado has become a liberal state. That’s why people are leaving,” Kim explained.

“You didn’t even mention other reasons to leave: traffic, traffic, traffic. Crowds, trashed natural areas, destroyed parks and once pristine open spaces. Far fewer open spaces, development (and ugly development)....

“For more than 55 years now, I have called Colorado home; I was born and raised here. Looking back, beginning in the early-mid 1980’s the “feel” of the state began to change; it was not for the better. As soon as I can retire, I am leaving this state; it is no longer home. I have watched the two political parties systematically erode Colorado; Leftism/Socialist/Democratic policies have everything I held dear. There you go, 11 reason people might leave,”...