Reported cartel drone found near Texas border.

Article author: 
Daniel Horowitz
Article publisher: 
Conservative Review
Article date: 
13 June 2019
Article category: 
National News
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Not only are the cartels weaponizing mass migration to tie down our border agents so they can bring in dangerous people and contraband, they are apparently monitoring the migrant flow in real time with spy drones....

DHS officials have publicly said for over a year that the cartels are using the mass influx of family units to get in dangerous people away from the agents, but the use of drones further accentuates the point that this is much more of a strategic invasion than just an immigration issue. “The cartel is investing in technology to guide groups to a stash house or to a ‘load driver’ waiting to pick them up,” said the agent, who feels that he and his colleagues are being outmaneuvered by the dangerous insurgent groups operating on both sides of the border.
“First, they started giving the illegals smart phones equipped with land navigation apps and map overlays, along with battery chargers and a compass. This cut out the need for a ‘guide.’ Now, with the use of drones, the cartel can see us for miles....
The cartels now have a perfect system of technology and the weaponization of family units to ensure that our apprehension rate of the real bad guys is quite low. Just the previous Sunday, the agent said there were 347 “got aways” in this Texas County....
“Our lack of response does nothing but embolden the cartels, which are terrorist groups. Given that we already know they work with Hezbollah, it’s likely they are helping them with technology in return. If we have terrorists flying drones on our border in order to circumvent our sovereignty on our border, what in the hell are we doing?”....