The Secretary of State candidates in Colorado debated last night and voters lost

Article author: 
C.S. Boddie
Article publisher: 
American Thinker
Article date: 
12 October 2022
Article category: 
Colorado News
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A pair of debates took place Tuesday night between the Democrat and Republican candidates for treasurer and secretary of state in Colorado.  It was held at the University of Denver....

Then Pam Anderson (R) – who was recently on the cover of Time Magazine -- and Secretary of State Jenna Griswold (D) came out to debate....

Then Secretary Griswold launched into slander against President Trump, the people who voted for him, and other candidates, out of the blue.  It was unnecessary and off point.  It must have been her way of lighting up the base in the crowd and those watching on YouTube.  She said that President Trump tried to steal the election.

“Boo!” I said, right to Griswold’s face.

Everyone was stunned....

Anderson noticed what I was meaning and, during her time, spoke about how Griswold’s rhetoric made everything hotter at a time when we don’t need that.  She said that the Secretary of State office is not to be partisan, that Griswold should not be making everything political....

Griswold’s words were slanderous. They were outrageous.  They were off topic.  They were the strategic lies of a crooked politician who knew she had the crowd, the mob, with her....


Lawless Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold Sends Out 30,000 Voter Registration Notices to Noncitizens – In English and Spanish, Geller Report, 12 October 2022.