Senate Immigration Bill Could Create Millions of New Voters in 6 Months

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Mike Flynn
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1 June 2013
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National News
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The Rubio-Schumer immigration bill in the Senate would legalize around 11 million [to 30 million] currently illegal immigrants [illegal aliens] 6 months after passage. Most would have to wait over a decade to become citizens, but they would be legal immigrants under Federal law. 
If a current proposal in New York City is adopted, they would also be able to vote in municipal elections. The city is considering extended voting rights to legal immigrants.
If the New York City proposal passes, it is likely that other cities will consider similar expansions of the voting rolls. Already 4 towns in Massachusetts and a half-dozen cities in Maryland allow non-citizen immigrants to vote. This is the challenge of rushing massive federal legislation through our federalist system. Federal law does not exist in a vacuum, but effects laws at all levels of government...