Seven Kinds of Election Interference, from Fraud to Censorship

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5 November 2020
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National News
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The 2020 presidential election is still undecided, as of this writing, and accusations about “fraud” are flying.
The frustrating thing about these claims is that there is usually no way to verify them — partly because the people accused of fraud are often the same people who would have to investigate it....
1. Voter fraud. 
Actual voter fraud, though relatively small in scale, includes voting twice; dead people voting; filing out ballots for other people; “losing” ballots before they are counted; and so on....
2. Ballot harvesting.
Ballot harvesting involves using third parties to collect an unlimited number mail-in ballots from other people. It has been legal in California since 2016, and Democrats used it effectively in 2018, delivering hundreds of thousands of ballots that way....
3. “Curing” absentee ballots.
Several states — including Republican-governed states — allow voters to “cure” problems with absentee ballots — such as a missing signature — then re-submit them. Democrats are literally going door-to-door right now in closely-contested Georgia, asking “absentee” voters, in person, to “fix” their ballots
4. Deadline extensions, relaxed rules....
5. Privately funded get-out-the-vote efforts.
As Breitbart News warned in October, liberal billionaires like Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg donated hundreds of millions of dollars to so-called “safe elections” efforts. ...
6. Automatic vote-by-mail applications. 
7. Social media censorship....