Shock: Over 1% of Guatemala, Honduras entered US since September

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The great replacement of Americans is well underway
Article author: 
Paul Bedard
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Washington Examiner
Article date: 
8 May 2019
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National News
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In a shocking demonstration of the latest surge of illegal [alien] immigrants border officials are struggling with, over 1% of the populations of Guatemala and Honduras have entered the United States since September, according to the Homeland Security Department chief.
Worse, 3% of the population of one Guatemalan county has crossed into the U.S., acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin K. McAleenan told the 49th Washington Conference of the Americas tonight....
Overall, he predicted the April numbers of illegal immigrants will be even worse than the jaw-dropping March figures which shocked the White House into shaking up its immigration team.
“In March, we had over 103,000 irregular arrivals of undocumented migrants — 90% crossing the U.S. border unlawfully and unsafely in the hands of human smugglers. We will see similar numbers in April,” said McAleenan....
“These trends are deepening and accelerating. According to a recent USAID funded study conducted by Vanderbilt University’s Latin American Public Opinion Project in Guatemala earlier this year, 1 in 4 Guatemalans have an intention to migrate from Guatemala, with 85% of them expressing the United States as their preferred destination,” he said.
“That’s over 4 million Guatemalans who intend to migrate to the United States..."