So, Who Are the Real Fascists?

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Ray DiLorenzo
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Canada Free Press
Article date: 
17 November 2018
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Our American Future
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When a political party in the United States no longer believes in the ideals in which their nation was founded, when a political party expresses dissatisfaction with its nation’s Constitution, when a political party pushes Socialism (a system of government that has never been successful in history), when a political party ignores its own immigration laws to allow millions of migrants illegal entry hoping to create more party members and to destroy the culture of the host country, one of two things is happening. Either that party wants to create a new country from the top down or they are only interested in power....

A common definition of Fascism is: “An authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization.” Wrong! Those who have been indoctrinated will believe that definition. People who think for themselves, ignore their Marxist teachers and the media, will come to the conclusion that fascism is neither inherently left or right wing.

A fascist wants a merger of government and commercial enterprise with the government in total control. The government owns the means of production or colludes heavily with major corporations to impose government control. Fascism is national socialism. All socialism is a left-wing phenomenon.

It is common practice today by the Left to call Conservatives ‘fascist’, in the spirit of accusing their opposition of what they themselves are. A conservative in America simply desires to preserve our nation as founded, with freedom, liberty and respect for the individual. Does that sound fascist?...

The ordinary American citizen may not realize how close we came to a totalitarian government after Obama. Obama complained about the Constitution, ignored it, made or changed laws when he had no power to do so. Obama actually instructed ICE to not enforce immigration laws. He disregarded the Republicans, and refused to negotiate with them which resulted in the shutdown of the government. Obama threatened to not pay Social Security benefits, military and federal retirees, and those disabled. It seemed that the elderly and the military were the primary targets of his threats. Even though 80% of the government was functioning, he chose to close down all national parks...

To achieve their socialist goals, Democrats want unlimited spending power, all curbs lifted. This will, as they well know, and predicted by the liberal saints, Richard Cloward and Francis Fox Piven, overload the nation’s financial system precipitating a crisis that would lead to a replacement of our government with a socialist oligarchy....

So, who are the real fascists?



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