South Africa as an Unintended Example

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Not the lessons they want us to learn
Article author: 
Theophilus Chilton
Article publisher: 
The Neo-Ciceronian Times
Article date: 
28 February 2024
Article category: 
Our American Future
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... The Powers That Be trying to use Great Replacement immigration to recreate South African demographic conditions in the USA and other Western countries.

If you rely on the mainstream media for your news, then the chances are that you never even heard about the events in South Africa that took place roughly three weeks ago...

I would hope that by now, most reasonably intelligent people understand that mainstream media outlets do not exist to inform their consumers, but to transform them... to propagate the narrative...

First, there is the fact that South Africa is essentially the end game for Critical Race Theory. As Revolver News observed, South Africa was the first country to be officially built on CRT - and it just imploded. But the implosion isn’t really the part they want to hide from you. Rather, it’s the fact that the implosion is the desired result of CRT as it serves as the vehicle for the larger goals of progressive Marxist revolutionism...

In a sense, the critical race theorists are correct about one thing - America and other western nations are "white supremacist" in the sense that their founding stocks were various White ethnies who ordered the laws, institutions, and cultures in their polities after their own assumptions about how a society should be structured. The thing is, there’s nothing wrong with that...

CRTers labour under the delusion that once Whites have been swamped by non-White immigration and their institutions and culture coopted or destroyed, the replacements will magically be able to carry on the level of civilisation, technology, and learning that was achieved by historic White nations...

Progressives want to be able to bring about South African-style violence to the kulaks but without the South African-style armed self-defence that we saw a few weeks ago... progressives don’t want people noticing that in the face of massive looting and rioting, South Africa’s White and Indian communities were very capable of organising for self-defence on short notice...


A Low-Trust Society Is an Impoverished Society, by Charles Hugh Smith, Lew Rockwell, 12 March 2024.