Spain's VOX Party: 'Islamism is Incompatible with Western Culture, Generates Violence' (Video)

Article author: 
Amy Mek
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RAIR Foundation
Article date: 
8 February 2023
Article category: 
National News
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Following the recent Islamic terrorist attack in Algeciras, Spain, by a Moroccan illegal migrant, who targetted Christians and murdered the sacristan of a local church, Spanish politician Ignacio Garriga declared, “Islamism is incompatible with Western culture. The VOX party’s secretary general said, “it generates violence, social exclusion, and the degradation of our neighborhoods.” The leader slammed Spain’s left-wing government’s open border “multicultural policies” that continue to have grave consequences in the lives of its citizens.



... Unfortunately, thanks to our current political leaders, the great legacy they will leave to Spaniards will be more Islamism in our streets and more illegal immigration. This is the great legacy of the current generation of politicians that they will leave to Spaniards at large, and in the face of which VOX, will not take one step back in denouncing it and using all measures necessary to end this threat, not just for Spain, but for the life of Spaniards at large.

Islamism is incompatible with our Western culture. And it has to be repeated every day; that’s what it takes to sink into the head of some columnists, some journalists, and some politicians who deny the reality that Islamism is incompatible with the culture of the West.

And the terrorist, the attacker in Algeciras the other day, was an Islamist. An Islamist who killed in the name of his faith. And who, by the way, attacked various Christian sites.

As you see, we are not going to use any euphemisms, and we are going to use every letter, every period, and comma it takes to describe the raw reality. Islamism generates violence. Islamism today is the new, modern jihad.

And this has to be said with every letter of the reality. And there are many. There are many in Spain, and there are many in Europe at large....

And the reality is raw. In the last 20 years, 1,000 Islamist terrorists have been arrested in our country....


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