Special meeting of Legislative Audit Committee dives deep on issues related to voter fraud, election security

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Colorado Politics
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17 December 2020
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Colorado News
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A special meeting of the Legislative Audit Committee, called by its Republican chair, Rep. Lori Saine of Dacono, brought together county clerks, two former Colorado Secretaries of State in Colorado, and a member of the Trump legal team that has been challenging election results in six states that has so far resulted in one minor win and nearly five dozen losses.
The daylong hearing also included a visit from a Castle Pines man who is behind the disputed claims that a Dominion Voting Systems employee ensured a Biden victory. ...
Late Tuesday night, incoming House Minority Leader Hugh McKean of Loveland said in a statement that the "integrity of our American elections is essential to our Republic. Today's Legislative Audit hearing was key to ensuring that we never fail to ask the questions, gather information, and put voters' minds at ease that we have fair and accurate processes in place. That work is the foundation of trust that we hold so that we can represent our constituents and craft the laws of our state....