SPLC demands big tech silence conservatives in the name of fighting white supremacist terror

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Why is the discredited SPLC hate group testifying before Congress?
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Censorship News
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23 February 2020
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National News
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In congressional testimony on Wednesday, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) demanded that big tech, donor-advised funds, and government take action against mainstream conservative and Christian organizations in the name of fighting against white supremacy and the “global terrorist threat” of white nationalism. This testimony may bolster legal claims that the SPLC engages in routine defamation by accusing its ideological opponents of being “hate groups” on par with the Ku Klux Klan....

[From PJ Media]

Craig Parshall, founding director at the John Milton Project for Digital Free Speech at National Religious Broadcasters, told PJ Media, “The SPLC has a track record of irresponsibly labeling legitimate conservative advocacy groups and Christian ministries as ‘hate groups’ because their values are deemed to be politically incorrect. Its recent testimony in Congress shows that the SPLC is not only unapologetic for this trend, even worse, it wants to spread its ideological slander to Silicon Valley.”

“Big Tech does not need any more incentive to suppress conservative and Christian viewpoints. As our work through the John Milton Project for Digital Free Speech has proven, platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google already have an unhealthy appetite for suppressing opinions they don’t like,” Parshall concluded.
Mat Staver, founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel, who has told PJ Media that more than 60 organizations are considering separate defamation lawsuits against the SPLC, said the recent testimony is one more piece of evidence that “the SPLC has no credibility.”
“The mission of the SPLC is to destroy those with whom they disagree by falsely lumping them in with violent groups,” he added.
While Lecia Brooks likely intended her testimony to support the SPLC’s efforts to silence “hate groups,” the testimony may provide crucial evidence in efforts to hold the far-left group accountable for its malicious smears.
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