Spotlight on Crime Rates in Denver

Article subtitle: 
A Look at the Rising Crime in Denver Council Districts & Neighborhoods
Article publisher: 
Common Sense Institute
Article date: 
15 February 2023
Article category: 
Colorado News
Article Body: 
  • Denver ranks in the top 10 U.S. cities for crime, including: 3rd motor vehicle theft; 6th property crime rate; 10th rape crime rate.
  • Approximately 14,980 vehicles were stolen in Denver in 2022. That is equal to nearly every car being stolen from all parking lots surrounding Empower Field during 3 Broncos home games.
  • The number of crime incidences in District 9 (15,987) is 91% higher than the second worst district and more than double the level in the 8 other districts.
  • District 9 has a crime rate twice the average for all districts.
  • District 9 has 9.09% of the population in Denver yet has 20.4% of all incidents in 2022. This equates to roughly 44 incidents (nearly 50) per day in District 9....

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