Starbucks hiring refugees instead of Americans and Europeans

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Starbucks to hire thousands of refugees to serve Europeans coffee
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Perhaps it's time to skip your Starbuck's fix: #BoycottStarbucks
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20 June 2017
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Our American Future
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American coffeehouse chain Starbucks said on Tuesday it would employ 2,500 refugees in its European stores by 2022. It is a part of a global program to provide jobs for refugees announced in January...
The company said the European jobs would be part of Starbucks’ commitment to hiring 10,000 refugees around the world.
Starbucks said it would work with agencies helping refugees to settle in Europe. The company has stores in Britain, France, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Germany and the Netherlands...
One of the hottest debates was in Spain, where unemployment approaches 20 percent.
In the United States, Starbucks faced similar criticism with people asking why the company wouldn’t extend the job offer to American veterans.
Starbucks also faced a backlash on social media with several people using #BoycottStarbucks to urge customers to stay away from its stores...


It is important to discern the difference between true refugees and economic migrants. True refugees can be issued shelter in a protecting country that is nearest to their country of origin. There is no need for refugees to be transported halfway around the world for shelter as mandated by the United Nations. 
It is also crucial to understand that the flow of refugees from Africa and the mideast will not stop this century. See World Fertility - The World's Most Important Graph.