State to slash driver’s license program for undocumented immigrants

Article author: 
Chris Jose
Article publisher: 
Fox 31
Article date: 
28 January 2015
Article category: 
Colorado News
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The Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles is making cuts that will affect undocumented immigrants who are seeking a driver’s license ...

Last week, Republican lawmakers on the Joint Budget Committee voted not to approve additional funding for offices that provide driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants ...

Under legislation, the program must be funded with money from immigrants paying for licenses  [CAIRCO emphasis] ...

CAIRCO Notes: The division [of Motor Vehicles] also asked for $1.6 million more next year [from the state]  to expand its locations...


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YES   3938 Votes, or  69.56 %

NO     1723 Votes, or  30.43 %