Stephen Miller on the border invasion crisis - video

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Interview with Megyn Kelly’
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John Derbyshite
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10 June 2023
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National News
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Stephen Miller on the border. For an impassioned and informative take on the border by a guy who knows plenty about the situation, check out Megyn Kelly's interview of Stephen Miller a few days ago. It runs from 7m10s to 49m45s here.


At 18m00s in Ms. Kelly poses the question I was pondering in my podcast. My transcription:

MK: Is the goal just to create more Democratic voters? What is it? Is it bleeding-heart liberalism? Why would they be allowing this kind of crisis to emerge from our South and now be bused up to the North, such that virtually all these major cities are going to feel the pain?

SM:People ask me this question a lot and I've reflected on it a great deal, because people want to know how's it possible that an entire administration and all the members of Congress who support that administration and all of the outside groups that support that administration could be so willingly complicit in a policy that's yielding so much human misery.

You have human trafficking, sex trafficking, and labor trafficking—as even the New York Times documented—particularly with minors, on a scale that has never been witnessed before. Hundreds of thousands of minors have been trafficked into the country.

You have the fentanyl deaths setting records year after year. Families being separated in a permanent and irrevocable way where the only way to [inaudible] your loved ones is at a cemetery, at a graveyard.

And then you have gangs that have operational control of our territory, that are abusing people and murdering people on both sides of the border; the destruction of the labor market for the working class and the working poor; and the decimation of our healthcare system and our education system, to name but a few social ills.

And I think the answer is exactly what you said, and it's very straightforward.

California was once the most conservative, free state in the country. If you wanted to live the American dream you wanted to get your family in the station wagon, drive across country, and just strike out—see if you could start a small business or get a good job, or just earn a good living—you went to California. That's what you did.

And this is the state that not only elected Reagan governor but also voted in presidential elections for conservatives for national office for almost the entirety of the 20th century, up until 1992, and that was the tipping point. And from 1992 until today only Leftists for the highest office in the land.

And the reason for that is because mass migration turns politics Leftward. And there's a lot of reasons why.

I mean, one is that people who come from countries that have no history of limited government and no experience of limited government don't find that to be intuitive. So that's one reason: the actual voters themselves they would say, ”Well, why wouldn't I vote for higher taxes on someone who's not me to give services to someone who is me,” right?

That's intuitive. It's very intuitive to say: ”Those people who are richer than me so I'll tax them more, and then you're going to give me more money,” right? That's intuitive.

It's not intuitive what we have, or what we have had in America, to say: ”If more people who aren't you also have freedom then they will also be productive and they will also create more jobs, and then those jobs will pay higher wages.”


But there's a second theory in fact that pulls politics Left, which is the destruction of the middle class.

When you have good, high-paying middle-class jobs, that forms the center of a conservative society: a strong family and a strong community where people are able to get a job that can pay a living wage, that can support a family, where you can have—if you want to—a one-parent-working home, or if you want to a two-parent-working home, but either way you're financially secure. And you have a good education system and a good healthcare system.

When you completely destabilize the labor market and the social-safety net, people then begin demanding more and more government services because the jobs aren't paying enough, so you need more Earned Income Tax Credit and you need to have more food stamps. You need to have more public housing.

And the education system can't keep up, so you've got to keep plowing more and more money into that.

And nobody has health insurance! I mean, how many years have we heard, Megyn: ”There's thirty million people without health insurance! We need socialized medicine, we need socialized medicine!”

The vast majority of people in this country who don't have health insurance are not citizens of this country. There are many millions of Americans without health insurance, to be clear, and they should get it, and we should make sure they do have it; but the vast majority of people who don't have insurance of any kind, in any way, in any shape or form whatsoever, are not U.S. citizens. But that's used by political parties to demand free government services.

So an open border both imports the voters who will vote for one party and one ideology, but it also changes the political landscape of an entire community.

So you end up with the Manhattanization of America, where you have these very large cities where nothing works, nothing is functional, nothing is safe, nothing is efficient, and the solution is always going to be, you have to tax more and spend more.

MK: It's bleak, Stephen. It's so bleak!


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