Stop the Islamization of Texas

Article author: 
Amil Imani
Article publisher: 
Geller Report
Article date: 
16 December 2018
Article category: 
Our American Future
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... Texas is becoming a major hub, after California and New York, for Muslim resettlement. As more and more Muslims arrive in America, and as they reproduce with great fecundity while they convert the disenchanted, they gather more power to undermine and present a serious challenge to the American system of governance — our representative democracy.

A Pew Forum estimate in 2017 said that there were 3.45 million Muslims, constituting about 1.1% of the total U.S. population. New estimates show that the U.S. Muslim population continues to grow.

“But by 2050, Pew researchers estimate Islam will supplant Judaism as the second-most popular religion in the U.S. with 8.1 million Muslims ultimately making up 2.1 percent of the future population.”

Currently, Islam is making inroads in traditionally non-Muslim places, where it is beginning to run deep roots and vie with the laws and cultures of its hosts. Muslims are taking advantage of the freedom that democracies provide. They use the same provisions of the law that are intended to protect and enhance liberty in order to subvert democracy and freedom.

Today, our country is faced with a formidable enemy in the Trojan Horse called Islam. This clear danger makes it imperative to revisit the U.S. Constitution and see if the freedom of religion gives Muslims a license to break other American laws....

According to the Center for Security Policy, “CAIR, is an entity founded by the Muslim Brotherhood’s Palestinian franchise: Hamas, a group officially designated since 1994 as a terrorist organization.”...

The problem is too few of our leaders and politicians have any understanding of the mission of Islam in the United States. ...

The problem is, too few Americans are aware of all this, and organizations such as CAIR and other Muslim Brotherhood-linked organizations are taking full advantage of our naïveté....



Be Careful When Dealing With CAIR, Islamist Watch, December 17, 2018:

To the surprise of moderate Muslims and counter-extremism activists across the United States, Houston mayor Sylvester Turner recently proclaimed December 9 as “CAIR-Texas, Houston Day.” He glowingly described the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) as a grassroots civil rights organization, “seeking to advocate for justice and mutual understanding.”

The idea that CAIR works for “justice and mutual understanding” is laughable. CAIR is an exponent of political Islamism, and is rigidly intolerant even of moderate Muslims who challenge their extremism, with some regional directors slurring them as “Uncle Toms” and even calling Somali Muslim activists “anti-Muslim” for opposing the terror group Al-Shabaab.

This is to say nothing about CAIR’s open endorsement of the anti-Israel BDS movement, or frequent indulgences in anti-Semitism. A jarring example is Zainab Arain, ironically the author of CAIR’s “2018 Civil Rights Report. She accuses Israel of funding the Taliban and stealing the organs of Palestinians, often citing articles written by white-nationalist extremists. Even more grotesque is when CAIR-Florida communications director Wilfredo Ruiz claimed that Jews “throw dead dogs and monkeys” on Muhammad’s grave....