The Swamp In Action

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Ann Coulter
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Article date: 
26 June 2019
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National News
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... I want the names of the staffers at the Republican National Committee who prepared Trump’s “backgrounders” on potential hires for the new administration....

Below is a random selection of the idiotic quotes from the RNC’s vetting document [PDF] on Kris Kobach, when President Trump was considering him for secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. Instead of Kobach, who could have saved the country, Trump appointed a series of imbeciles, who managed to engineer the worst immigration crisis in the nation’s history....


“Immigration Hardliner”
The RNC seems to think “hardliner” means: “supports current federal law, on the books, passed over generations by Republicans and Democrats, negotiating compromises and getting their bills signed into law by a series of presidents in both political parties.”
“Kobach was a presenter at a writers workshop last week for The Social Contract Press, a publishing house that the Southern Poverty Law Center includes on its list of hate groups under the category ‘anti-immigrant.’”
Anyone—in media, in politics, in casual conversation around the water cooler, certainly anyone at the RNC!—who cites the SPLC as anything other than “America’s Leading Hate Group” needs to have his head examined. This is on the order of the NAACP using KKK literature to evaluate job applicants.
The RNC vetters are too stupid not to bury the SPLC’s specific claim: that The Social Contract Press is guilty of being “anti-immigrant.” I know the RNC hated Trump, but the only reason the RNC even has a Republican president right now is that a plurality of Americans want less immigration, too....