Sweden: third graders forced to accept Islam in public schools

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Bare Naked Islam
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8 March 2020
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National News
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Sputnik News: According to the news portal Katerina Magasin, third-graders at the Söderfors School in Tierp were forced to confess to Islam and Allah in a letter during a lesson in religious studies. Among other things, the nine-year-olds had to write “I belong to Islam.”
Anamaria von Roteliuc, the mother of a nine-year-old girl, told the magazine the pupils also had to participate in a prayer, while a minaret call was played in the classroom. Furthermore, the children had to colour a mosque on a piece of paper.
When students questioned whether they really had to participate in the activities, the teacher responded that they had to. According to von Roteliuc, who also detailed the ordeal in a Facebook post, the teacher threatened her daughter with detention if she refused to participate in the task. The girl initially refused to pledge allegiance to Allah, but had to to write “I belong to Islam” in the end.