Temporary Protected Status for Filipinos Would Increase Population Growth Permanently

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Joe Guzzardi
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28 December 2013
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National News
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Philippine President Benigno Aquino III has formally requested that the U.S. government designate his country as eligible for "temporary protected status" (TPS). If granted, the most likely outcome, Filipinos would be allowed to stay and work in the United States even if they are currently illegal residents.

Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert del Rosario added to Aquino's statement that TPS would help Filipinos support their families back home by sending remittances and thus assist in the country's post-Typhoon Haiyan recovery...

TPS changes aliens' immigration status and makes them not subject to removal, work authorized, and able to secure travel documents as well as driver's licenses.

Many Filipinos would benefit. According to Census Bureau data, more than 3.4 million Filipinos live in the United States, with 1.4 million in California. Filipinos are the largest Asian group in 10 of 13 Western states, including California. In 2010, the Philippines were the fourth largest immigrant-sending country behind Mexico, China and India...

...TPS policy is not temporary but instead a program that rolls over indefinitely and adds permanent residents to an already overpopulated nation and a tight labor market that includes 20 million Americans who can't find a full-time job. Once TPS is universally acknowledged as a farce - the only word that applies to a program officially called "temporary" but that lasts 15 years - it becomes another magnet for more illegal immigration...


CAIRCO notes

It should be noted that the United States is the most generous immigration nation in the world, taking in more immigrants (legal and illegal) than all other countries combined. Yet doing so is driving US population to double, while acting as a safety release valve for excess population in immigration donor countries. In other words, US immigration policy is implicitly encouraging population growth in immigration donor countries, which will result in even more pressure for mass emigration into the US.

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