Terror-tied CAIR sues Samsung accusing them of rejecting Muslim candidate because he doesn’t drink alcohol

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Geller Report
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20 November 2018
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National News
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Another Muslim workplace lawsuit in order to impose Islam on the workplace. This is what they do.

This is a unique phenomenon in the American workplace. Christians and Jews and Hindus do not generally sue when they don’t get jobs. This Hamas-CAIR complaint against Samsung is yet another way of imposing Islam on the kuffar. Plenty of people are not given jobs for which they interview. It happens every day. Plenty of people are told that they wouldn’t be a good fit for a particular company. Hamas-CAIR is trying to establish special rights for a special class – Muslims. That is sharia. Muslims are superior – that’s sharia. And once people start hiring Muslims even when they’re unqualified, for fear of lawsuits such as this one, they will take their demands to the next level, as they did at Hertz. At Hertz, Muslim workers demanded prayer breaks; Hertz agreed. But Muslims were disappearing during prayer breaks. Hertz responded by asking them only to clock in and out during prayer times. Muslims refused, and Hertz was being sued for religious intolerance.

Terror tied CAIR is a battering ram against companies, forcing them to adhere to sharia principles. This hasn’t changed under Trump. The overreach of the EEOC is monstrous: One particularly extreme example of its interference was its support of two Muslim truck drivers who were suing the company that dismissed them for refusing to transport alcohol; they were awarded $240,000 for this refusal to do the job for which they had been hired.

Read the chapter, “Mosqueing the Workplace”  in my bookStop the Islamization of America, to better understand this de facto imposition of sharia in America...