A Texas Border Tour

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"It’s a hundred times worse than what they’re seeing on the news."
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Anecdotal stories of America's border invasion
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Henry Chappell
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American Conservative
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1 July 2023
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National News
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Brooks County—A few miles south of the Border Patrol check station, where the western boundary of King Ranch’s Encino Division meets the northbound side of State Highway 281, the otherwise perfect fence sags from the weight of undocumented aliens—UDAs [illegal aliens], in the parlance of the Brooks County Sheriff’s Department—who bail out of vehicles and cross into the brush to hike around the check station for pickup a few miles up the road. From there, they travel to Houston, Dallas, or other cities to the north. 

Jorge Esparza, a commander in the Brooks County Sheriff’s Department, pointed to the little median rest stop. “At night, they cross and try to disappear into the trees and then jump into vehicles.” He recounted stories of people piling into trunks and busted drivers claiming they were just sitting there when all these people jumped in..."

“People say we are inhumane for enforcing the law, for sending people back, but I ask the NGOs, the strong Democrats, is it humane for young ladies to get raped back in the brush? Is it humane for me to pick up dead bodies full of maggots? Is it humane to have 200 people in one house with no food, no water, no sewer or latrine? This is all driven by money. The cartels know how soft we are.”...

Since Joe Biden took office, Texas’s border security apparatus has found itself at cross-purposes with U.S. Customs and Border Protection. DPS’s job is to block potential border crossers. Under the current dispensation, Border Patrol’s job, especially near Ports of Entry like Brownsville, is to process migrants presenting themselves for asylum. Therefore, Texas’s border enforcement team tries to keep migrants from reaching Border Patrol agents...

“I would really love to live on this ranch with my wife and children, but it just isn’t safe. This lawlessness is on the verge of destroying a way of life. If you aren’t well established, the cost and time involved in working with Border Patrol and law enforcement, paying for security, and repairing damage will drive you out of business. This is happening on American soil.”...


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