Texas Governor has decided that his state no longer will resettle Muslim refugees

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Bare Naked Islam
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11 January 2020
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National News
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Republican Gov. Greg Abbott, governor of the nation’s most iconic red state, said that Texas will no longer consent to resettling refugees, making it the only state so far to opt out of the federal program that for years has sent the most refugees in the country here.
According to a letter sent today to U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott has announced Texas’s refusal to accept any additional refugees for fiscal year (FY) 2020. The letter was prompted by Executive Order 13888, on “Enhancing State and Local Involvement in Refugee Resettlement,” which was issued by President Donald Trump on September 26, 2019....
As the Center for Immigration Studies’ investigative journalist extraordinaire Todd Bensman wrote last April: “Few outside of intelligence and law enforcement circles — and perhaps not even those inside the circles — really know the actual extent of vetting failures that grant legal status to those hiding Islamic terrorism involvement....
Judicial Watch successfully obtained records of the administration’s secretive program to send more Syrian Muslims to Texas, in spite of opposition from state officials over the security threats created by refugees from an Arab nation that’s a hotbed of terrorism.



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Breaking News! Texas Governor Abbott Says NO! Will not Accept More Refugees in 2020, Refugee Resettlement Watcy, January 10, 2020.