There’s More Than One Way to Steal an Election

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Leftist media disinformation is a key component of voter fraud
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John Hinderaker
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25 November 2020
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National News
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... The Media Research Center has conducted extensive polling in seven key swing states. The MRC asked Biden voters whether they were aware of certain facts or news stories, and if they were not, whether awareness of those facts or issues would have caused them to change their vote away from Biden. The data are striking.

These were the questions posed to Biden voters:... [see original article]
But because the Democratic Party’s press buried these stories, many if not most Biden voters were unaware of them:...
You might think that Democratic voters simply don’t care about the facts. But that isn’t what respondents said in this survey. MRC asked whether, if the respondent had known a particular fact, he would nevertheless have voted for Joe Biden, voted for President Trump, voted for a third-party candidate, or not voted at all. It turns out that all of these under-reported stories had the potential to swing significant numbers of voters away from Joe Biden....
If you net this out, 17% of Biden voters said that if they had known one or more of these under-reported facts, they would not have voted for him....