There are no software 'glitches'

Article author: 
Jay Valentine
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American Thinker
Article date: 
10 November 2020
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National News
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... Software is really stupid stuff. It does not go off on its own, has no mind of its own, and there is no intelligence anywhere in code. It performs instructions and does them over and over, exactly the same every time, no matter what.

Until something changes.

Something changing is not a "glitch." It is a change.

Software does not wake up in the morning and suddenly shift 6,000 votes from candidate A to candidate B, as in Biden....

If a computer system appears to wake up in the night, when a national election has stopped counting votes, and "glitches" votes from one candidate to another, guess what: it isn't the standard code. Something changed and it is discoverable in the log files. If there are no logs, it can usually be found in places where the application is writing to a database....

Competent forensic investigators know just where to look. They are likely to find that someone changed something, and it was not a "glitch."



On Electoral Fraud in 2020, by Pedro Gonzalez, November 9, 2020:

Smething strange is going on in the neighborhoods of Pennsylvania. The dead appear to have arisen from the grave to enlist in the Democratic cause....

Odd as that sounds, Pennsylvania’s dead voters are actually dwarfed in number by “ghost” voters nationwide. These are not the dearly departed, reanimated sort who have graciously decided to enlist in the Democratic cause. Rather, “ghost” voters are those who never were. They were never born. They don’t exist....

The most peculiar election irregularities involved Dominion Voting Systems, a company that sells electronic voting hardware and software.

Dominion’s products served 71 million voters in 1,600 jurisdictions in 2016. Georgia election officials in 2019 selected Dominion to provide a new statewide voting system for 2020, against the protests of election integrity activists. A federal judge “expressed serious concerns” about Georgia’s new election system...

One academic paper by Princeton, Georgia Tech, and U.C. Berkeley professors on the vulnerability of electronic voting systems points out Dominion’s ImageCast Evolution (ICE) product, an optical scan tabulator with a ballot-marking device that allows the voter to deposit a handmarked paper ballot.

Vote-stealing software could easily be constructed that looks for undervotes on the ballot, and marks those unvoted spaces for the candidate of the hacker’s choice. This is very straightforward to do on optical-scan bubble ballots (as on the Dominion ICE) where undervotes are indicated by no mark at all. On machines such as the ExpressVote and ExpressVoteXL, the normal software indicates an undervote with the words NO SELECTION MADE on the ballot summary card. Hacked software could simply leave a blank space there (most voters wouldn’t notice the difference), and then fill in that space and add a matching bar code after the voter has clicked “cast this ballot.” An even worse feature of the ES&S ExpressVote and the Dominion ICE is the auto-cast configuration setting (in the manufacturer’s standard software) that allows the voter to indicate, “don’t eject the ballot for my review, just print it and cast it without me looking at it.” If fraudulent software were installed in the ExpressVote, it could change all the votes of any voter who selected this option, because the voting machine software would know in advance of printing that the voter had waived the opportunity to inspect the printed ballot. We call this auto-cast feature “permission to cheat.”

The night before the presidential election in Georgia, a software update was uploaded to Dominion’s machines. The update, whatever it was, caused a glitch in Morgan and Spalding counties that temporarily prevented voters from casting machine ballots.

The company “uploaded something last night, which is not normal, and it caused a glitch,” Marcia Ridley, elections supervisor at Spalding County board of election, told Politico.

“That is something that they don’t ever do. I’ve never seen them update anything the day before the election,” Ridley said...