There's Nothing Compassionate About an Eight-Fold Surge in Refugee Admissions

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There's Nothing Compassionate About an Eight-Fold Surge in Refugee Admissions
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10 January 2022
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National News
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Consumer prices aren't the only things soaring under the Biden administration.
The annual cap on refugee admissions is also set to skyrocket from 15,000 -- the fiscal 2021 limit imposed last fall by the Trump administration -- to 125,000, the goal set by President Biden for the current fiscal year that started in October.
This eight-fold increase isn't compassionate -- not to the working-class Americans forced to compete with these desperate new arrivals for jobs and housing, and not to the tens of millions of refugees around the world who'd benefit from a more effective U.S. aid strategy. America could help far more refugees by supporting relief operations close to their home countries, rather than resettling a tiny fraction here....
Corporations love it when the government raises the annual refugee cap, because they know these workers -- who are disproportionately lesser-skilled -- will accept low wages without complaint. About 23% of male refugees (and 27% of female ones) lack even a high school degree, a share that's far higher than the 12% of U.S.-born men (and 10% of women) who failed to graduate high school. Refugees earn $8,000 less per year, on average, than their native-born counterparts....
Understandably desperate, these refugees are willing to accept virtually any job offers, no matter the pay or working conditions. That's music to corporate America's ears, since management can hire laborers at rock-bottom wages. ...
Special immigration categories for unaccompanied children, Afghan Special Immigrant Visa holders, Cuban/Haitian Entrants, asylees and other humanitarian categories will easily top 200,000 in 2022....
This influx -- on top of the arrival of 1 million legal immigrants and a staggering 2 million illegal ones, if current border crossing trends continue -- will drive up living costs for working-class Americans. Developers are only adding about 1.6 million new housing units annually, according to the latest Census data -- not enough to keep up with population growth from births and foreign arrivals....
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