Timely WikiLeaks Email Highlights Deception Within "Media Polling"

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Conservative Treehouse / Last Refuge
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24 October 2016
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National News
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... WikiLeaks reveals an internal communication within the Clinton camp that also discusses “media polling” and provides an extensive attachment to an archived Atlas Project political polling research memo.

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The combination of the two events provides an excellent opportunity to show and discuss how ‘media polling’ is constructed to sell an approved (and intentional) storyline; a narrative...

Pay attention to the underlined aspect: “maximize what we get out of our media polling“.

It is important to understand what this is not.  This is not some stunning revelation that ultimately proves that all polling is crap.   Indeed, as we have repeatedly shared over the past several years, not all polling is BS.  It’s the media delivered polling that’s crap...

Media polling, by it’s nature and construct, is designed to provide the media entity with a tool to sell the same ideological bias that is inherent within their other print, broadcast and journalistic endeavors.

Contractors (pollsters) who sell media polling are producing a product for their customer, the media entity. If the contractor does not provide the type of product the customer wants, the customer will simply go elsewhere with their money for another contractor. It’s a very simple business transaction. However, within this transactional conflict-of-interest is where you find the reasoning for the inherent data bias.

For more than a few years we have outlined some of the worst (least trustworthy) pollsters in that regard...

The worst of the worst media polls include:

  • ABC / Washington Post  (Gary Langer Pollster)
  • CBS / New York Times
  • NBC / Wall Street Journal  (Mark Murray, NBC) Hart Research and Associates.
  • Fox News (Daron Shaw)  Shaw Research Associates
  • Monmouth University (Patrick Murray, Pollster)
  • PPP Polling – [but, unlike the above, they admit their ideological bias]

However, we also warned people when we revealed the NBC connection to Hart Research & Associates and to Priorities Action USA (Clinton Super PAC), as an example of the way media polls are constructed, they would shift their payment mechanisms and go dark to avoid the sunlight...


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