Title Board rejects ballot initiative to ban vote-by-mail

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Michael Karlik
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Colorado Politics
Article date: 
3 June 2021
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Colorado News
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The Title Board on Wednesday declined to advance a ballot initiative that sought to broadly alter election protocols in Colorado, including through the abolition of universal mail voting and the imposition of a fingerprinted, government-issued "elector card" to vote in person.
However, the board's decision was based on relatively narrow grounds: Proponents had failed to adhere to the constitutional requirement of including only a single subject in their ballot measure....
CAIRCO notes
In 2006, the Colorado Supreme Court, in a blatant display of judicial activism, declared that the Defend Colorado Now initiative violated the single subject standard.
Defend Colorado Now originated in 2004 to carry forward a ballot initiative to ensure that taxpayer-paid benefits go only to those lawfully in Colorado. Signatures were collected in 2006, however, the Colorado Supreme Court sabotaged the initiative.
The Supreme Court claimed that the since initiative would deny taxpayer-paid benefits to illegal aliens, it would also have a fiscal impact. Duhhhhh, you would think? The ruling Kritarchy issued a twisted legal interpretation to kill this massively popular initiative.
A special legislative session was called in July, 2006, which produced a number of immigration reform bills. All of the bills have since been negated by the Democrat-controlled state liglislature.