Conservative teacher fired for being conservative and colorblind

Article author: 
Robert Zimmerman
Article publisher: 
Behind The Black
Article date: 
16 September 2021
Article category: 
National News
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They’re coming for you next: Beth Reams, a math teacher at a Missouri prep school was fired when first some school alumni complained about her conservative politics that she posted on her private Facebook page and then the school administration discovered that she treated all her students equally and made no effort to find out their religion or race so as to promote the bigoted concepts of modern critical race theory.
The article at the link above tells her sad story in great detail, how the most progressive teachers and alumni from Pembroke Hill School in Kansas City, Missouri, started a campaign against her...
Reams’ firing however appears to have finally been prompted from something even more absurd and horrifying, revealed by the transcript of a Zoom meeting between Reams and Pembroke’s principal, Mike Hill, and its Director of Human Resources Vanessa Alpert. It appears the principal was upset because Reams made no effort to identify her students’ ethnicity or religion and make it their number one defining attribute. Instead, she focused entirely on teaching them all equally so they could learn math from her....
The highlighted words tell us everything. Reams wanted only to judge her students on their school work. The school’s principal however thought it “dangerous” to treat people as equal humans. He wanted Reams to put their race and religion first, and favor some because of those attributes....