Tommy Robinson - The Rape Of Britain

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Banned Video
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29 April 2020
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National News
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YouTube immediately removed the video of a very important speech Tommy Robinson recently delivered in Russia: Tommy Robinson - The Rape Of Britain.

Fortunately, it can be viewed on Banned Video: Tommy Robinson - The Rape Of Britain: "This video has been taken down by YouTube because of its damaging factual content. Tommy recently visited Russia and spoke at a conference organised by Russian Libertarians. Tommy Robinson methodically and comprehensively exposed a massive institutional cover up by the British State. The police, politicians and local councils were complicit in hiding the industrialised rape, abuse and molestation of British children for decades. These crimes have been and continue to be carried out by organised Muslim rape gangs throughout the United Kingdom. Please feel free to download this video and share it everywhere...."

The video can also be viewed on BitChute:

BitChute: The Rape of Britain Talk given in Russia.



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Raping and Impregnating Infidels: ‘Another Form of Jihad’, by Raymond Ibrahim, American Thinker, May 15, 2020.