The Transformation of Germany

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There is a distinct parallel between immigration - and censorship - in Germany and America
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Thorsten J. Pattberg
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American Renaissance
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6 February 2021
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National News
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In 2015, 2.1 million immigrants came to Germany, most of them young men from Syria, Kosovo, Albania, Afghanistan, Iraq, and North Africa. According to official sources, by July 2020, the Federal Republic of Germany had 11.23 million foreign-passport holders: 12.5 percent of its population....

The war also left Germany with a shortage of young men, so from 1955 to 1973, its government invited massive waves of Gastarbeiter (guest laborers) ... Most of them never went home, and became German citizens....

Over the course of the following decades, the number of German births halved, from 1.3 million newborns in 1965 to 682,000 in 2013...

Immigrants have more children than Germans. By 2015, 30 percent of the children in Germany under age five had a foreign background. In major cities such as Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, and Munich, 50 percent were foreign. In 2018, Bild reported that in Berlin, the most popular name for male newborns was Mohammed.

Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF), the state broadcaster, announced, “The demographic figures show with sober mercilessness: The Germans are dying out”...

Some schools have banned the German flag. Chancellor Angela Merkel herself has, at least once, refused to hold the national colors....

People who dissent from the status quo suffer consequences. Restaurants won’t serve them, hotels won’t host them, banks won’t have them. Members of the AfD are so stigmatized that they have a hard time finding jobs...

While the media demonizes whites, it lionizes refugees and immigrants:...

Social media
In June 2017, Parliament passed the NetzwerkDurchsetzungsGesetz (Network Enforcement Act or “NetzDG”). This law requires that social media companies delete illegal content posted by users, including “hate speech,” within 24 hours of posting or face a €50 million fine....
Mass immigration will continue. Though the number of new arrivals every year has gone down since the 2015, every year since then has still been higher than in 2014:
Year      New Arrivals
2009   721,014
2010   798,282
2011   958,299
2012   1,080,936
2013   1,226,493
2014   1,464,724
2015   2,136,954
2016   1,865,122
2017   1,550,721
2018   1,585,112
2019   1,558,612...
The Third Reich is the favorite example of dangerous authoritarianism, but it isn’t the only German government that fits the bill. May Angela Merkel’s “New Germany” serve as a warning to whites everywhere.