Trudeau Wants to Criminalize Words with Canadian Hate Speech Bill

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and no one is safe from his wrath
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The bill contains "precrime" clauses and life imprisonment for hate speech
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Ezra Levant
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Rebel News
Article date: 
1 March 2024
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National News
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On Monday, the Trudeau Liberals tabled Bill C-63, An Act to enact the Online Harms Act, in Parliament to protect Canadians from accessing 'harmful content' online.

It claims benevolence but ultimately crushes our freedoms to protect Canadians from a 'far-right' boogeyman...

Ultimately, Trudeau's censorship law seeks to destroy our most fundamental freedoms of speech, of thought, and the press. It will make a mockery of the rule of law as well. 

The legislation seeks to amend the Canadian Human Rights Act to clarify that online 'hate speech' is discrimination. It permits confidential complaints if the Commission thinks the individual(s) might be subjected to "intimidation."...

he so-called victims of 'hate speech' could be compensated up to $20,000, with stand-alone hate crimes being added to the Criminal Code. The federal government would be owed an additional $50,000.

Those who engage in 'hate speech' could face life imprisonment, or face house arrest with an ankle bracelet. Under Justin Trudeau, words are being criminalized...


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