Trump Indictment Assault on Democracy

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Joel B. Pollak
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Article date: 
5 April 2023
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National News
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Show me the man and I'll find you the crime."
    - Lavrentiy Beria, Deputy Premier, 1941 until Stalin's death in 1953

"In America, everyone has the right to a trial to prove his innocence."
    - Nancy Pelosi
      (As opposed to: Presumption of innocence, which means that any
      defendant in a criminal trial is assumed to be innocent until they
      have been proven guilty - Cornell Law.)

The indictment of former President Donald Trump on Thursday by a grand jury in Manhattan is an assault on democracy.

There is no evidence of a crime being committed in the Stormy Daniels affair; even if there were, the statute of limitations on the supposed charge has expired, and the state cannot evade it by inventing a federal crime. The indictment is simply an attempt to prevent the leading opposition candidate from contesting the 2024 election.

Worse, the indictment was purchased by notorious left-wing billionaire George Soros, who hates Trump and spent $1 million to elect Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

There is no more glaring abuse of the rule of law than to allow a wealthy patron of the ruling party to fund the prosecution of its political rival. It is a direct assault on democracy, a form of election interference that will destroy what is left of voters’ faith in democracy....


The indictment has the added benefit of taking the focus off the House Republicans’ investigation of the Biden family’s alleged foreign influence peddling scheme and even lesser issues such as calls for the public release of the “manifesto” written by the transgender murderer who gunned down six people at The Covenant School in Nashville this week. - Elizabeth Stauffer, PowerLine, 1 April 2023.

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A Message Today From President Donald Trump - Keep Fighting, Mr. President, 31 March 2023:


Donald Trump as Pericles, by Roger Kimball, American Greatness, 7 July 2017. Donald Trump:

Americans will never forget. The nations of Europe will never forget. We are the fastest and the greatest community. There is nothing like our community of nations. The world has never known anything like our community of nations.

We write symphonies. We pursue innovation. We celebrate our ancient heroes, embrace our timeless traditions and customs, and always seek to explore and discover brand-new frontiers.

We reward brilliance. We strive for excellence, and cherish inspiring works of art that honor God. We treasure the rule of law and protect the right to free speech and free expression.

We empower women as pillars of our society and of our success. We put faith and family, not government and bureaucracy, at the center of our lives. And we debate everything. We challenge everything. We seek to know everything so that we can better know ourselves. And above all, we value the dignity of every human life, protect the rights of every person, and share the hope of every soul to live in freedom. That is who we are. Those are the priceless ties that bind us together as nations, as allies, and as a civilization.

What we have, what we inherited from our—and you know this better than anybody, and you see it today with this incredible group of people—what we’ve inherited from our ancestors has never existed to this extent before. And if we fail to preserve it, it will never, ever exist again. So we cannot fail.

Victor Davis Hanson: ‘We are in the middle of a revolution that we don’t even know we’re in’ (VIDEO), Gateway Pundit, 9 April 2023:

“What we’re seeing is not the end of it,” Hanson told Carlson. “Tonight was the very beginning. This is going to go on to three prosecutors for a year and a half, with the intent of getting just enough empathy for Donald Trump that he will be nominated and then see him gag-ordered and maybe even seeing him incarcerated to nullify his viability in the general election.”...

“We are in the middle of a revolution that we don’t even know we’re in,” Hanson declared. “I think Donald Trump said as much as he could but I imagine in the next week we’ll see a gag order leveled against him and then the other prosecutors will be encouraged and then this cycle will go on for a year and a half.”


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