Trump Keeps Refugee Promise

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Washington Watcher
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7 October 2019
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National News
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As of October 1, America began accepting fewer ”refugees” thanks to President Trump, who has capped yearly intake at 18,000 for fiscal 2020 [Trump administration proposes historically low refugee limit, by Elana Schor, Associated Press, September 26, 2019]. That’s a 79 percent cut to Barack Obama’s high of 85,000 and dramatically below his planned 115,000 Third World colonists for fiscal 2017 [Proposed Refugee Admission for Fiscal Year 2017,]. Of course, Trump still must repeal the disastrous 1980 Refugee Act, which authorized this expedited, subsidized, influx of politically-favored immigrants. Otherwise, Democrats will simply turn the invasion up again if/when they regain the Executive Branch— Elizabeth Warren is promising 175,000 a year. The main obstacle: Stupid Party Republicans....

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