Tucker Carlson Observes that Caravan Types Won’t Be Needed in America’s Automation Economy

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Brenda Walker
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Limits to Growth
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18 November 2018
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Our American Future
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How can anyone who knows about the automation threat see the multiple illegal alien caravans marching on our country without concern? America needs workers in the busy Trump economy, but skilled legal people are needed, not grade school dropouts from Honduras who may turn to crime when wealth is not forthcoming.
Worse, this is only the beginning, according to an October article from Breitbart: Organizer Admits Caravan Is a ‘Mass Exodus’ from Central America to U.S..
The mass invasion scenario is not why I voted for Donald Trump. The president needs to treat the caravans as a direct assault on US sovereignty. He will be a one-termer if he doesn’t fulfill his top campaign promise of border security....
Interestingly, on Wednesday Tucker Carlson discussed automation regarding the caravan with Bryan Dean Wright, who has written previously about the threat of robots to working people.
Remember: Automation Makes Immigration Obsolete


TUCKER CARLSON (3:30): I don’t understand how you can look at the projections for what automation is about to do to our economy, eliminating a huge percentage of low-skilled labor in this country, and say we need more low-skilled labor — all low-skilled labor — how can you make that argument?
BRYAN DEAN WRIGHT: You can’t. The top ten jobs that we see that immigrants take, both legal and illegal, make less than $20 an hour which by the way even the Obama administration said, jobs earning less than $20 an hour are going to be automated into obsolescence. So the argument that we need an increasing number of poorly qualified folks who don’t speak English, don’t have a skill set we need for the economy, or frankly, the one that is already here, that is a silly argument. It doesn’t hold water,
CARLSON: So I always want to believe the best about people, that they have honorable motives, and I think most people do have honorable motives, but if you can’t even martial an economic argument in favor of your immigration policy, I’m left believing maybe it is only about getting more votes for your party.
WRIGHT: How cynical.
CARLSON: I don’t want to be cynical. I just don’t see any other rationale.
WRIGHT: Look, I appreciate the argument; you may be correct. there may be parts of the party — make no mistake about it — they want open borders. Just the other day — I think it was yesterday, in fact, Senator Gillibrand from New York was buddy-buddy with the guy Sean McElwee who wants to remove the border between the United States and Mexico. So there is an element in this country, not just an activist community, but within the left of this nation, my own party, I hate to say, who want open borders. And that of course then feeds into this issue, not only how do we take care of them, but ultimately, who are they going to vote for? There is a play there that I think one could argue, this is a political play, this is about votes. So I think it is fair to have that concern and that fear.