UN Helped Fake Kenyan Refugees Resettle Inside the US for Years — Until Trump Put an End to It

Article author: 
Jim Hoft
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Gateway Pundit
Article date: 
10 October 2019
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National News
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The refugee business is BIG BUSINESS!

It ain’t cheap buying your ticket to the US and food stamps, free education and housing. Between 10 and 20 thousand US dollars will guarantee resettlement into the United States. According to CNN the United Nations helped fake Kenyan refugees resettle inside the United States. This was going on for years....

And according to CNN, refugee resettlement was a bustling business before President Trump came into office....

CNN reported – via John Sexton:

“It is at the very beginning of the process — before the applicant even gets to the US embassy vetting, the selection has been done at the UN level,” said one facilitator who said he has been exploiting corruption within the UN to game the resettlement system for years....

“The UN will know the criteria and make sure the paying clients match all the requirements. So, it can be cooked at the UN level,” he said.

He said that the last corrupt US resettlement process he was involved in, where clients pay between 10 and 20 thousand US dollars to guarantee resettlement, happened in late 2016.

“Before the Trump ban it was a booming business,” he said....


CNN: “Untold Number” of Fake Refugees Admitted to US for Decades - I never thought I would see a headline like this one from CNN, by Ann Corcoran, Refugee Resettlement Watch.

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