United States Adds New Migrant Every 29 Seconds

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Brendan Kirby
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22 December 2016
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Our American Future
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The Census Bureau this week unveiled a newly designed population clock, which measures population growth in the United States in real time.

A blue line fills up a rectangular bar every eight seconds, denoting the birth rate, and also marks off a death every 12 seconds. The clock also shows the other driver of population growth — immigration. Counting those who arrive and those who leave, the country adds a net new international migrant every 29 seconds...

Factoring in everything, that’s a net gain of one new U.S. resident every 13 seconds. About 45 percent of that growth is from immigration.

The visual display “brings home, I think, to most people that immigration is a major component of population growth,” said Jack Martin, of the Federation for American Immigration Reform.

The net migration estimate comes to an annual gain of nearly 1.1 million...



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