The U.N.'s Long History of Failure

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The "cockpit in the tower of Babel"
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Bruce Thornton
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Front Page Mag
Article date: 
7 February 2024
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National News
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No one should be shocked or surprised by the news that some United Nations Relief Works Agency staff directly participated in the heinous savagery of Hamas' attack on Israel on October 7.

According to Israeli intelligence, AJC reports, "six UNRWA workers were part of the wave of terrorists who breached the Gaza-Israel border and massacred civilians inside of Israel. Additionally, two helped to kidnap Israelis, two others were tracked to sites where hundreds of Israeli civilians were shot and killed. Others coordinated logistics for the assault, including procuring weapons." Seven were identified as primary school teachers, and one is a Hamas commander.

... U.S. taxpayers finance a third of the UNRWA's budget, including paying for schools where terrorist sympathizers indoctrinate half a million students with murderous hatred for Jews...

... Ever since its birth, the UN has been rife with corruption, politicization, and failure. Until we start making this "cockpit in the tower of Babel" - as Churchill in 1946 presciently warned that the most important institution of the "new world order" might become - accountable to U.S. taxpayers, our national interests and security will remain hostages to those of other nations, many of whom are sworn enemies of the free world...

Parochial political ambitions - including those of autocratic, totalitarian, and gangster states - and economic interests replaced the UN's lofty principles...

As Dore Gold wrote in Tower of Babel (2004), "The new UN majority had emptied the term ‘human rights' of its original meaning and hijacked it to serve its authoritarian political agenda."...

The history of the UN's double standards and virtually antisemitic policies directed against Israel from its birth, illustrates these flaws...

...true legitimacy is conferred not by the opinions of a glorified international DMV that cares nothing for our interests and security...