'Unvaxxed' Canadians Banned From Travel For the Next 3 Years

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RAIR Foundation
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1 May 2022
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National News
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Canada’s communist and WEF-trained Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, added a provision to the state’s budget that funds the denial of the right of exit to all Canadians who do not take the mRNA gene therapy shots. The right of exit can be the last barometer of a democracy. Typically, the freedom that democracies provide means they have to wall themselves to stop a flood of people from entering...

There will be a 3 year travel ban on unvaccinated Canadians. This is from the budget.https://t.co/36GWb3GT3y

... this new restriction, enforced by budget and not an act of legislation, is a punitive measure against those who refuse the Gene Therapy injections. Furthermore, it has no science anywhere to support it or even consistency....