US Banks On Verge Of ‘Nationalization’

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We're well on our way to glorious communism!
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Daily Caller
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14 March 2023
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National News
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A former Treasury Department official said Tuesday that American banks were on the verge of being nationalized following the Friday collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and the government’s response.

“What the authorities did over the weekend was absolutely profound. They guaranteed the deposits, all of them, at Silicon Valley Bank. What that really means — and they won’t say it, and I’ll come back to that — what that really means is that they have guaranteed the entire deposit base of the U.S. financial system. The entire deposit base,” Roger Altman, a former deputy Treasury secretary in the Clinton administration, told CNN host Kaitlan Collins. “Why? Because you can’t guarantee all the deposits in Silicon Valley Bank and then the next day say to the depositors, say, at First Republic, sorry, yours aren’t guaranteed. Of course they are.”...

"...When you guarantee the entire deposit base, you have put the federal government and the taxpayer in a much different place in terms of protection than we were in a week ago.”


CNN: Biden just nationalized the banks in the US:


Biden’s Bailout of Silicon Valley Bank Helped Save Investment Flow to Sensitive Chinese Aerospace and Defense Ventures, Gateway Pundit, 17 March 2023.

Woke Silicon Valley Bank donated over $73 MILLION to Black Lives Matter-related social justice groups before it collapsed - while failed Signature Bank gave $850,000, Daily Mail, 15 March 2023.

Marxism, BLM, and American gullibility

ESG: Leveraging Woke Communist Takeover

The Big Lie Of Woke Capitalism - ESG

Get Woke, Go Broke? It’s Time To Talk About SVB’s Ties To The World Economic Forum, by Brandon Smith, Alt-Market, 16 March 2023:

After the implosion of the FTX crypto exchange run by Sam Bankman Fried, questions of due diligence and competency immediately arose, suggesting that perhaps the company mishandled assets “accidentally” and that Fried was naive and “in over his head.”...

Of course, what they did not mention was that FTX and Sam Fried already had extensive connections with globalist groups including the World Economic Forum. In fact, the very basis of Fried’s business model was the WEF’s “Stakeholder Capitalism” theory, which he often referred to as “Effective Altruism.”...

Stakeholder Capitalism is essentially the opposite of free markets – It is a socialist/globalist framework which uses corporations as a kind of economic enforcement tool. Corporations are already highly socialistic in their operations, and their existence is completely dependent on their special relationship with government. Corporations are created through government charter, enjoy special protections under “corporate personhood” laws and avoid direct consequences for criminal activities through limited liability.

Many corporations are not even allowed to fail because governments backstop their operations. That’s socialism, not free markets. However, “stakeholder capitalism” expands on this dynamic a hundred-fold....

However, the WEF’s model of false altruism is turning out to be a disaster for corporate survival. I have to wonder now if this was the intent all along – To create a kind of ESG fueled woke financial bubble that was always intended to come crashing down, leaving the western world in ruins....

The Tyrants Are Passing State Laws to Push CBDCs, by Thomas Renz, Daily Clout, 15 March 2023:

... CBDC stands for Central Bank Digital Currency and it, along with gene therapy jabs, stands as the greatest threat to freedom on the planet. Digital currency is completely trackable and completely controllable. This means that the government and any corporation with the proper access will be able to know exactly how you spend every digital penny of your money. It also means that the government (or possibly global governments or global corporations) would have the ability to control what you spend your money on. Spend too much on gas they take some of your money for emitting too many greenhouse gases. Want to buy a gun… forget it....

At this point, the major focus is on passing state-level legislation – particularly in a number of key RED states....

When it comes to who is behind the push to sneak CBDC legislation on the state level we need look no further than the Uniform Law Commission (the “ULC”… stinking lawyers). Here’s a link you can follow to see where this crew is pushing state law. The response from many lawmakers when people are questioning these bills is that it is conspiracy theory to suggest these UCC bills will facilitate CBDC. Here is a link to one of the authors of the bills telling you it is about CBDC (fast forward to about 46 or 47 minutes in); you should save a copy of this video quickly – I’m guessing it will disappear soon. You can find additional information here from the South Dakota Freedom Caucus (they did great work shining light on the bill Kristi Noem just vetoed – saving South Dakota)....

All this leads to the question, so what do we do? The easiest solution is to get a large number of grassroots to promote an amendment that bans CBDC in your state....