US considering returning some evacuees who don't pass vetting process to Afghanistan

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From article: The rushed and chaotic evacuation from Afghanistan in the final weeks of August sent the US government scrambling to establish sites across Europe and the Middle East to process tens of thousands of evacuees
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Kylie Atwood and Jennifer Hansler
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15 November 2021
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National News
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The Biden administration is considering sending some of the Afghan evacuees at a US military base in Kosovo back to Afghanistan if they cannot clear the intense vetting process to come to the United States, according to three US officials familiar with the matter ...

That option is mired in human rights concerns and legal questions, as international law prohibits the forced return of refugees and the forced return of people who would be tortured.

There are two circumstances in which they could be legally sent back.

The first would be involuntary deportation, which is not a human rights violation if the Afghans' claim that they have been persecuted and tortured does not hold up. The second would be if they have been fully informed of the situation -- which would include an update on what the Taliban have agreed to -- and consent to going back ...

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