US, Mexico widen asylum crackdown to push back all migrants

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Sentinel Colorado
Article date: 
30 August 2019
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National News
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A Trump administration program forcing asylum seekers to wait in Mexico has evolved into a sweeping rejection of all forms of migrants, with both countries quietly working to keep people out of the U.S....

U.S. border agents give each returned migrant a date for an immigration court hearing at tents set up near the border. But the Mexican government has bused hundreds of migrants to cities around 1,000 miles (1,600 kilometers) away, ostensibly for their safety. And there’s no promise that Mexico will bring migrants back.
Instead, Mexico is offering to return many Central Americans to the Guatemala border, and others are choosing to leave at their own expense....
The U.S. government is building tent courts in Laredo and Brownsville, where immigration judges will hold hearings by video. The first hearings are expected in September....